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Why our pump stations?

SolidLinks provide pump stations with bespoke designs and competitive prices. With high quality products and fast build times, you can’t go wrong with SolidLinks. Continue reading to see all of the benefits of our pump stations, or get in touch below.

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11 reasons to choose SolidLinks

1. Bespoke designs

Every project deserves an individually designed pump station so to minimise excavation costs and maximise efficiency. We offer eight different chamber diameters, manufactured to depths of up to 8 metres or lengths of up to 24 metres. We will also select a set of pumps to meet the required duties and/or flow rates.

2. Site Visits

For complicated schemes, we are happy to visit the site or your office to discuss the project in detail. Alternatively, an online meeting can be offered to save time.

3. Quality products & components

At Solid Links, we do not believe in using substandard components to save on build costs. None of our products is built to a price but is built to a specification using quality materials. We would rather lose a sale than knowingly provide a pump station using inferior materials.

4. Competitively priced

By offering a bespoke system we can keep our costs to a minimum. Excavation costs can also be kept to a minimum by installing a unit that isn’t too big for the task at hand.

5. Personal yet professional service

You will be looked after by a single point of contact, right from the design stage to the end of the warranty period, when a service contract can then be arranged. This avoids having to explain everything to different personnel in different departments every time you have a query.

6. Quick Build times

In the vast majority of cases, the chamber has the longest build time. We always quote realistic availability and do everything that can be done to meet your requirements. If you have an urgent requirement for a pump station that is quicker than the standard time scale, we will be very happy to pull out all of the stops and try to meet your time scale. We will not however say we will be able to achieve your required availability just to win the order and then let you down. If we say we can build a pump station in a given period we will honour it.

7. Versatile Control Panel & alarms

Solid Links’ control panels are dual Direct On Line (DOL), or Star Delta, startup, which self learns the pump duties and can be used for all applications. The control panel can be used with a BMS (building management system), with single-phase or three-phase options.

Different control panels can be designed and built to meet specific project requirements as part of our bespoke design.

8. Supporting products

We will specify the correct size of discharge pipe to meet the requirements of the pump station, flow rate and distance involved. The vast majority of pump stations will require MDPE raising main (black). We offer a range of sizes and lengths along with suitable adaptors and connectors.

9. Account facilities

We can offer a direct account as well as credit account facilities, subject to status, We can also accept orders via a Builder’s Merchant if necessary.

10. Commissioning & servicing

If you opt for our commissioning service, our warranty period starts from the date the commissioning is carried out, for all of the Mechanical and Electrical components. Extended warranties are available in certain circumstances if required.

A service contract is available on our complete range of pump stations.

11. Excellent after-sales care

In the unlikely event of issues after a pump station has been supplied or commissioned, you will be treated with the utmost priority. It is important to us you do not feel like an inconvenience. After all, we want you to keep coming back to us and recommend Solid Links to your colleagues and business partners.

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Why our pump stations?

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